Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Together Again!

Good Morning! The News 3 This Morning crew is back together again. We hope you'll join us starting at 5:30 am for the latest news headlines & the Weather on the 3's. Dont' forget- we're up and running on our Cover it Live chat during the morning show. Let us know what you think about stories in the news, or anything else of interest!
  • Wild Weather... a look at the crazy conditions across the country, and what's in store for our forecast.
  • Gambling Expansion... some expect lawmakers to expand Illinois' gambling system in a matter of months. Are you in favor of it?
  • No money... no cars? The Harrisburg police department has several cars out of commission... because the city can't come up with money for repairs.
  • Throw a Bash with a Little Cash... We'll offer several ways to save money on your Halloween party.
  • Tricks & Treats of Personal Finance... sticking with the Halloween theme- CFP Jeff Rose tells you waht to look out for. Click Here to visit his blog.
  • Winterize Your Skin... how to combat that dry, itchy feeling!

Join us starting at 5:30 am for the only local morning show in HD!

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