Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cover it Live

Watch live video from Illinois on


  1. An increasing number of people treat traffic laws as something to be obeyed only if convenient.

    I'd like to see an anonymous forum for law-abiding citizens to report flagrant violations.

    For instance, if a car was seen flagrantly driving through a red light, an observant citizen could post the time, var make and model, and license plate # on this forum.

    Perhaps public condemnation might work where the law-enforcement agencies aren't able to

  2. Does anyone know anything about a company call Vivint who sells security systems? They are currently gong door to door around the junior high school area selling systems and telling people there has been a lot of attempted break in's in that area. I can find no proof of the break in's. They are basically using scare tactics on older people selling the systems.

  3. Hi! Just want to let everyone know that Peaches on "Pet of the Week" has been adopted by my mom! She is in a very loving home now and doing well!!

  4. I did a sleep home sleep apnea test. When I woke up 1 of the sticky probes or whatever they are called was stuck in my hair. Could that have gave a false reading? Diana Powell