Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who's Hungry?

Yep... that's a foot-long burger. We'll tell you where it comes from- and explore the other foot-long sandwich trends in today's Eat This, Not That segment. You may be surprised at what sandwich is the least healthy!

Other headlines we hope to discuss on our Cover it Live chat (starting at 5:30 a.m.)
  • Mammograms... how effective are they? We'll have the latest research
  • Stamp prices are going up today- find out how high...
  • 3 high school football teams are undefeated- find out what makes them so successful
  • Have you noticed the 100 foot sunflower along route 13? We'll show you the installation.
  • Jersey Shore's Snookie is writing a book. Will you read it? Be honest...
  • Pets of the Week! We have 3 to show you!
  • Bill Brady & Pat Quinn debated in Chicago... Green Party candidate Rich Whitney wasn't invited, and spent the time protesting instead. Should he have been included?
  • Art & Wine are the focus of a weekend festival in Carbondale. Tune in for the details.
Join us starting at 5:30 am!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's on your mind?

Good Morning! Chances are, when you watch the news... you have something to say about the stories you see. When you're up checking your email or facebook in the morning- we have one more place we'd like you to visit. Our Cover it Live chat is a great way to share your feedback- and talk directly with Kevin & Emily during the newscast. Your comments might be posted on the air! It's designed to be a news chat, but there's lots of fun as well. We'd love to have you! The chat is up and running every weekday from 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. Just click the icon below! (or in our sidebar).

Some of the topics & stories we'll discuss this morning...
  • Local News First... headlines from John A. Logan College, Hardin County, and Eldorado.
  • Terror Plots against Europe & possibly the US? Law enforcement take an incident at the Eiffel Tower as a warning.
  • "Put Illinois to Work"... as federal funding for this program runs out, the state will continue to pay for this jobs program temporarily. Is that a good plan?
  • 3 Ways to Save- Do you love to tailgate, but don't love the cost of getting the party together? We'll have some money-saving advice. Please share your own tips as well!
  • Shop with a Cop- Christmas is months away... but funds are needed for the Shop with a Cop program... which allows kids in need to get some items on their Christmas wishlist. Details on a wrestling event that will support this cause in a live interview. (Kevin will not be wrestling this time :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Ready to Rumble on Tuesday!

Good Morning! If you're a loyal News 3 This Morning viewer- chances are, you're aware of Kevin Hunsperger's love for wrestling...

Why stop at just dressing like a warrior? Today Kevin explores the world of mixed martial arts on live TV. He'll demonstrate some moves along with trained fighter Josh Hewlett of Marion. Yes, we will have a mat :)

Other news we're working on today...
  • President Obama tries to rally young people to support Democrats in the upcoming election. Is that really enough?
  • The Happy Meal goes on trial in one California city! What do you think about banning toys from meals? Will it deter kids from eating unhealthy food?
  • There's a new sheriff in Gallatin County... We'll have the full story on Raymond Martin getting booted from office.
  • TECH TUESDAY! A text message arrest, freedom from Farmville updates on Facebook, and much more.
  • Local folks are in Africa installing wells to provide clean drinking water there. We'll have an update on the efforts of Marion Medical Mission.
  • Our video of the day... a man has a very unique relationship with his CROCODILE! Interesting stuff.
Discuss these stories and more on our Cover it Live chat- there's a link on the right!
It's a busy day with lots to talk about! Plus your Weather on the 3's!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Agenda!

Good Morning! Feeling like fall outside today. Here's a look at the stories we're working on for today's show...
  • BREAKING NEWS- a high speed chase through Williamson & Franklin counties leads to a major meth bust... authorities say it may be one of the largest in southern Illinois. We'll have the details.
  • Medical news... we'll tell you about a procedure that can decrease a person's risk for stroke. Also, the cost of treating cancer is on the rise...
  • Racing Superfan... Ross brings us a wrap-up of Nascar action in Dover
  • Money Monday... David England tells us about the rising value of Gold & Silver
  • The Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra is about to kick-off a new season. We'll tell you all about it in a live interview in our 6:30 half hour.
  • Traffic Alert! Some specific areas to avoid around the route 13 expansion project- also some road work in Perry County to tell you about.
Join us on our Cover it Live chat starting at 5:30 am!
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Have a GREAT day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our special guests!

Here's a look at our stars of the show this morning! A baby alligator and a gila monster!

photos courtesy Scott Gross

TGIF! Hunting & Fishing Days Preview

Good Morning! We're getting ready for the show... lots in store- including an alligator and a gila monster live on the set! It's part of a preview for this weekend's Hunting & Fishing Days at John A. Logan College.  The event includes lots of fun presentations- including the Dock Dogs as you see below!

We have lots of other stories making headlines today as well...
  • The latest on several southern Illinois court cases- including Gallatin Co. Sheriff Raymond Martin, former Saline Co. Deputy Todd Fort, Austin Sandefur, and more.
  • Our Racing Superfan previews this weekend's race in our 5:30 half hour
  • The gator is live on the set during the 6:30 half hour!
  • A sneak peek at this week's Unsung Hero
  • Did you notice the Facebook outage yesterday afternoon? Many people took the opportunity to put out some witty Tweets on the topic.
Join us starting at 5:30 am!
And don't forget to sign in to the Cover it Live chat to talk with Kevin & Emily during the show!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

You've got questions? We've got answers!

Hello friends!
Just wanted to give you a heads up about a new feature here on our blog... you may notice there's a box in the right sidebar that says "Ask Anything!" this is our Formspring account. Basically you can ask anonymous questions, and we'll answer them! If you've ever wondered about the makings of a newscast, what happens behind the scenes, or how we do the news, just ask! We'll answer the questions here, and if it's successful- we may answer on the air or in a special segment on our blog or website. Our main Formpsring page can be accessed here: 

Happy First Full Day of Fall!

Good Morning!! Happy Thursday. It's the first full day of fall! We have lots to talk about on the show today... including the history of Alexander County and Cairo. The Friends of Cairo & Alexander County Tourism are hosting a bus tour Saturday- it starts at 9 at the Custom House Museum, and ends at 3. We'll have the details in a live interview... and talk about what makes Alexander County history so interesting. There is definitely some amazing architecture around Cairo- check out this pic we found on the Friends of Cairo Facebook Page...

Also happening today on News 3 This Morning...
  • Former Saline County Deputy Todd Fort has been arrested again- we'll have the latest in Local News First.
  • Prices at the pump are expected to go down... but the cost of certain coffee drinks at Starbucks is on the way up. Details in our State of the Economy report.
  • A man in an ape suit on an ATV get's arrested... you'll see why!
  • Efforts are underway to preserve the Eurma Hayes Center in Carbondale. More on that in a live interview.
  • Could a former Bachelor on the ABC hit show be brought back to try it again?? Details in the Buzz report.
  • Looking for a furry friend? We have 2 Pets of the Week to tell you about today.
  • Eat This Not That... the focus is on Thai Food. Perfect segment to watch if you're concerned about making a healthy choice.

Join us starting at 5:30 am!
Also- join our Cover it Live chat (click the link on the right side) to share your thoughts on some of the stories mentioned above!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Morning! It's Wednesday...

Good Morning! We've made it halfway through the week. Here are some of the things you'll see on Wednesday's show! And don't forget to click the Cover it Live icon in the right sidebar to discuss these stories and more... it's always up and running from 5:30 to 7:00 am!
  • Migraine Headaches... do you suffer from them? Some experts believe they've found an effective treatment
  • Cowboy Boots... will your feet suffer as you try to be trendy this season? 
  • Herrin in USA Today... Herrin is featured in USA Today as a community rebounding after layoffs. The article suggests other cities should model themselves after Herrin. As a resident of southern Illinois- do you agree?
  • Anti-Meth campaign... Chances are, you've seen the ads. Do they resonate with you? One group says they're not having the desired effect. 
  • Cooking with Joy! We're making 2 recipes inspired by a couple of Dancing with the Stars contestants.
  • Local Court Updates... We're following the federal trial of Gallatin County Sheriff Raymond Martin and the Christopher Watkins trial.
  • Record-setting Dog... one of the longest dog tongues you've ever seen!
Early Bird Web Exclusive! Here are links to a few of the websites mentioned in today's 3 Ways to Save segment-- all about daily deal sites that can help you save on stuff for your baby. What websties do you turn to in order to save money?

Look for all of theses stories and much more
starting at 5:30 am on News 3 This Morning!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tech Tuesday: Fall Colors!

                                                photo courtesy

It's getting to be the time of year when people like to bask in the fall colors... but how do you know when the time is right? For many people, the answer is the internet. There is a small army of foresters, park rangers, volunteers, and others who collect information about when the colors are brightest. Their observations are often posted online as part of foliage forecasts for different regions of the US. To learn more about the fall colors here in Illinois visit "The Miracle of Fall" website from the University of Illinois Extension.

Turns out- fall foliage is a multi-million dollar business for tour operators, inns, restuarants, and attractions that cash-in on the rush of camera-toting visitors. In Vermont, for example, visitors spend $347 million each year in the September to November season.

Monday, September 20, 2010

*New* Tech Tuesday!

Good Morning everyone!
Hope your Monday is going well so far. If there's one thing that's always changing, it's the world of technology. That's why News 3 This Morning is unveling a new weekly segment tomorrow- Tech Tuesday! We'll compile some technology related headlines. The stories may pertain to interesting websites, new gadgets, video games, and more. Feel free to leave us a comment here, letting us know what technology topics interest you the most!

-What aspect of technology leaves you confused?
-Do you have an interesting and unique website to share?
-Do you care about advancements in cell phone technology?
-Are you interested in viral videos on YouTube?
-Do you care about the latest video games on the market?

Thanks for participating! And remember, you don't have to have a Blogger account to leave us some feedback here! You can also post on our News 3 This Morning Facebook page.
Have a great day!

It's Monday! Put on your dancing shoes...

Mornin! It's Monday... but we have something fun in store to help you wake up-- Dancing! We'll be joined by a local dance instructor and a couple of dance students... they'll show off four styles that you'll likely see this season on Dancing with the Stars! The season premiere is tonight at 7:00 on ABC. Any early guesses on this season's winner?

And here are some of the topics we want your input on today on our Cover it Live chat! Also our facebook page & Twitter too!
  • 5:40 - What is your favorite way to workout? Some trainers say your local playground can provide lots of challenges!
  • 5:50 - Did you tune in for any Nascar action over the weekend? Our Racing Superfan has a recap.
  • 5:55 - Would you every try this at your house? Goats and sheep are used to clear a vacant lot... an alternative to machines or chemicals.
  • 6:05 - Dancing!! Our guests take us through the Waltz and the Fox Trot.
  • 6:20 - Are you a veteran? "Helping our Hometown Heroes" will help you learn more about the benefits you've earned. We have the details in a live interview.
  • 6:35 - More dancing! A live demonstration of the Cha Cha and East Coast Swing. Have you ever tried to learn how to ballroom dance? What was that experience like?
  • 6:45 - Attention FAST FOOD lovers... what the convenient food could be doing to your kidneys.
  • 6:55 - Our "videos of the day" - Waiter races and a wedding at Black Diamond Harley Davidson!

We're on the air starting at 5:30 am! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun!

Good Morning News 3 viewers! We have a fun morning in store for your Friday. Here's a quick rundown of some of our special segments of the day...
  • 5:50 Racing Superfan- Ross Wece gives us some insight on the upcoming Nascar race in New Hampsire.
  • 5:55 Dating Website... it's devoted to those who see themselves as "ugly"... we'll explain
  • 6:05 The Golconda Shrimp Festival- a preview of the events happening Saturday, plus we'll learn more about the southern IL shrimp industry from local shrimper Grover Webb from the Tanglefoot Ranch.
  • 6:20 General Logan's Country Jam... It's happening next Saturday. We'll tell about the big names that will be performing, and who the concert will benefit.
  • 6:35 Cooking with Shrimp! Chef Dylan Lipe shows us a couple of recipes live on the air. Yum!
  • 6:55 Video of the day! We'll take you to the site of a roller coaster wedding.
Also-- some news headlines we'd like you to weigh-in on through Facebook, or our Cover it Live chat...
  • Illegal drug use is at its highest level in a decade... what needs to change?
  • Unemployment and poverty are high nationwide, and also in southern Illinois. Who's to blame? How are you coping?
  • Childhood asthma- genetics may be a factor. Is it a problem for your child?

Join us starting at 5:30 am!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food, Fun, and Fashion on Thursday

Good afternoon! Hope your day is going well so far. We're planning some segments for tomorrow's show. Along with the headlines, sports, and weather- we're going to have some fun! Here's what's on the agenda:
  • Eat This, Not That ... We're focusing on dessert! We'll compare the nutrition info on some of your favorites, letting you know what's the best choice. What are your favorites?
  • Murphysboro Apple Festival ... It's that time of year again! We'll preview the annual event in Murphysboro- highlighting the key attractions for this year's festival in a live interview. Are there any aspects that keep you coming back every time?
  • Ugliest Shoes! The ultimate fashion DON'Ts when it comes to shoes. We'll run down some of the most obnoxious footwear you'll probably ever see.
Join us starting at 5:30 a.m. Many people don't realize this, but we also stream the morning show live online... and we have our Cover it Live chat where you can share your feedback on stories in the news. Just click the Cover it Live icon in the right sidebar tomorrow morning. See you then!

Monday, September 13, 2010

JALC Investors Club

CARTERVILLE-Monday night at John A. Logan College the worlds of investing and health insurance overlap. It's the first meeting of the year for the JALC Investment Club.

The program starts at 6 p.m. at the David Hancock Room. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spicy Pork Tacos

Bill Barker from Devil's Breath Chile Company in Hamilton County joined us for some cooking.

He shared his recipe for Spicy Pork Tacos. Here's the ingredient list.

3# ground pork
6 oz sliced portabello mushrooms
3 sweet corn ears, (cut kernel off cob)
1 each red, green and yellow peppers, sliced
1 sweet vadalia onion, sliced
1 jar Devil's Breath Bread & Butter Jalepenos
12 oz shredded monterey jack cheese

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to the News 3 This Morning Blog!

Good Morning!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We actually created it out of necessity, but plan to keep it updated with random information, behind-the-scenes tid bits, and other stuff that pertains to the morning show. This morning we found that our main website,, had been hacked! Therefore a couple of fixtures of our morning show, the Cover it Live chat and JustIn TV live streaming feature wouldn't be available. This blog will serve as a way you can continue to access those features (even when IS up and running), as well as other morning news info. We hope you'll bookmark this address and continue to check back!

Have a great day,


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