Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning everyone! How's Tuesday treating you so far? Here's a look at some of the stories you'll see today on News 3 This Morning... Feel free to join our Cover it Live chat to share your opinions!
  • Trapped Miners- it's expected to be their last day underground. The latest on preps to rescue them.
  • A stem cell treatment is used on a human for the first time- we'll have the details.
  • A skydiver takes 3 HOURS to reach the ground! He encountered an obstacle along the way.
  • Tech Tuesday! The latest high tech headlines...Would you feel safe in an automobile that can drive itself? Also- the top reasons for "de-friending" on Facebook.
  • A group of Carterville high school students continues to raise money for the Connor Fenton Memorial Scholarship fund. How you can support the cause.
  • Imagine heading to a yard sale to get some Halloween decorations-- and then you get a REAL skeleton!
  • Eldorado residents say they're fed up with run down properties in town. We'll tell you how the city plans to tackle the problem.
We're on the air starting at 5:30 am...
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