Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News 3 This Morning Joins the Bra Brigade

Have you caught a glimpse of this scene as you travel route 13 in Carterville? Bras are hanging from the River Radio building... it's part of a breast cancer awareness & fundraising campaign headed up by z100's Kent Zimmer & Julie Ingram known as the Bra Brigade. They're asking women across southern Illinois to donate a bra and $10. The money goes to the Southern Illinois Healthcare "Women with Hope" program. Today on News 3 This Morning- we're switching things up in our 6:30 half hour. Emily will head over to z100, and Julie will come to the WSIL studio (we're neighbors, so it's easy) to talk about the Bra Brigade project. We'll be live at both locations!

Some other stories we're working on for this morning's show...
  • Miner Rescues- some have already been brought to the surface, and these rescues will continue all day today and into tomorrow. We'll have live reports from ABC in Chile.
  • Not Guilty Plea...Robbie Mueller appears in Perry Co. Court. He's accused of shooting & strangling fellow teen Sidnee Stephens in July.
  • Hand Sanitizer- do you encourage your child to use it? It might not be the best idea. We'll explain in medical news.
  • A longer wait at Starbucks?? If you rely on some Starbucks to get your day going... you may want to set the alarm clock back a few minutes. Details in business news.
  • Trying to lose weight? We'll tell you how rearranging the fridge can cause you to make healthier choices.
  • Thrifty Costumes... We'll share 3 Ways to Save on Halloween costumes, along with your advice!

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