Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's on your mind?

Good Morning! Chances are, when you watch the news... you have something to say about the stories you see. When you're up checking your email or facebook in the morning- we have one more place we'd like you to visit. Our Cover it Live chat is a great way to share your feedback- and talk directly with Kevin & Emily during the newscast. Your comments might be posted on the air! It's designed to be a news chat, but there's lots of fun as well. We'd love to have you! The chat is up and running every weekday from 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. Just click the icon below! (or in our sidebar).

Some of the topics & stories we'll discuss this morning...
  • Local News First... headlines from John A. Logan College, Hardin County, and Eldorado.
  • Terror Plots against Europe & possibly the US? Law enforcement take an incident at the Eiffel Tower as a warning.
  • "Put Illinois to Work"... as federal funding for this program runs out, the state will continue to pay for this jobs program temporarily. Is that a good plan?
  • 3 Ways to Save- Do you love to tailgate, but don't love the cost of getting the party together? We'll have some money-saving advice. Please share your own tips as well!
  • Shop with a Cop- Christmas is months away... but funds are needed for the Shop with a Cop program... which allows kids in need to get some items on their Christmas wishlist. Details on a wrestling event that will support this cause in a live interview. (Kevin will not be wrestling this time :)

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