Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Ready to Rumble on Tuesday!

Good Morning! If you're a loyal News 3 This Morning viewer- chances are, you're aware of Kevin Hunsperger's love for wrestling...

Why stop at just dressing like a warrior? Today Kevin explores the world of mixed martial arts on live TV. He'll demonstrate some moves along with trained fighter Josh Hewlett of Marion. Yes, we will have a mat :)

Other news we're working on today...
  • President Obama tries to rally young people to support Democrats in the upcoming election. Is that really enough?
  • The Happy Meal goes on trial in one California city! What do you think about banning toys from meals? Will it deter kids from eating unhealthy food?
  • There's a new sheriff in Gallatin County... We'll have the full story on Raymond Martin getting booted from office.
  • TECH TUESDAY! A text message arrest, freedom from Farmville updates on Facebook, and much more.
  • Local folks are in Africa installing wells to provide clean drinking water there. We'll have an update on the efforts of Marion Medical Mission.
  • Our video of the day... a man has a very unique relationship with his CROCODILE! Interesting stuff.
Discuss these stories and more on our Cover it Live chat- there's a link on the right!
It's a busy day with lots to talk about! Plus your Weather on the 3's!

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