Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF! Hunting & Fishing Days Preview

Good Morning! We're getting ready for the show... lots in store- including an alligator and a gila monster live on the set! It's part of a preview for this weekend's Hunting & Fishing Days at John A. Logan College.  The event includes lots of fun presentations- including the Dock Dogs as you see below!

We have lots of other stories making headlines today as well...
  • The latest on several southern Illinois court cases- including Gallatin Co. Sheriff Raymond Martin, former Saline Co. Deputy Todd Fort, Austin Sandefur, and more.
  • Our Racing Superfan previews this weekend's race in our 5:30 half hour
  • The gator is live on the set during the 6:30 half hour!
  • A sneak peek at this week's Unsung Hero
  • Did you notice the Facebook outage yesterday afternoon? Many people took the opportunity to put out some witty Tweets on the topic.
Join us starting at 5:30 am!
And don't forget to sign in to the Cover it Live chat to talk with Kevin & Emily during the show!

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