Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Clint

Good Morning! Hope your Wednesday is off to a good start. Chances are, one of the big things you need to know about before you head out the door- is the forecast. Clint Misselhorn brings you the Weather on the 3's weekdays on News 3 This Morning. And now he's taking us behind the scenes, letting us know what it takes to do his job! Thanks Clint!

Behind the Scenes with Clint
Clint has been with WSIL for 6 years 

  • Describe your daily routine as part of the morning show crew
My daily routine starts out by making sure all of the computer systems in the weather center are running smoothly. We work off of a network of computers that pull radar and satellite data, weathernet cameras, and our ADONIS models. It takes a little over an hour to really push through a tough forecast by looking at all of the charts and models. After I've made a forecast I create all of the weather graphics on our network of computers. This process can be slow at times when the weather is really active. Once all of the weather graphics are ready, it's time to get ready for air and away we go!
  • What's the most stressful part of your job?
The most stressful part of my job has to be handling a severe weather event. Remaining calm while you are inundated with breaking weather updates and rapidly changing conditions can wreak havoc on you! During severe events there are always 5 things going on at once and you never have enough hands to monitor it all.

Clint stands in front of a green screen as he gives the forecast- referring to a monitor off to the side so he knows where he's pointing.

  • What's the most fun?
The most fun doing weather the roller coaster ride during the show. During the morning show we have the Weather on the 3's, which means I'm up with a different angle on the forecast every 10 minutes. This keeps me hopping and it seems like the hour and half show just flies by.
  • What's something viewers might be surprised to learn about the morning show?
Viewers might be surprised to know that we don't just rip and read the forecast from the national weather service. I sit down to forecast each and every morning looking at countless charts, graphs, and models and breaking down the science of meteorology. Translating that science into everyday language is the final result and what you see on air.
  • Why did you first become interested in TV news?
I first became interested in TV news when I was a kid playing sports. News 3 would stop by Trico and shoot highlights and I would always run home and see if I was in the highlights (I rarely ever was!). Sitting at the kitchen counter hoping my school would be called off for snow also sparked an interest!

Thanks Clint for taking us Behind the Scenes! Look for more blogs from other members of the News 3 This Morning team in the days to come.
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  1. I remember when i was seeing the studio for the first time how profesional things where run.

    I want my weather coming to me from my local
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